Civil Engineering – Extrusion Welding

The Weldy “booster EX2” and Weldy “booster EX3”, have been designed to support an efficient welding process. Its ergonomic handling makes the welding easy and pleasant. Swiss engineered & developed.

Defining features :

  • Welding rod profile of 4mm diameter can be feed from two sides to increase the flexibility for the operator.
  • Lock switch for continuous extrusion welding.
  • Easy and quick replacement of welding shoes to meet the necessary requirements.
  • Rotatable handle for high ergonomics.
  • Output of approx 3.0 kg/h
  • Affordable !

Complementary Hand Welders:

The Weldy “HT1600” or “HT1600D” hot air hand tools are the perfect addition to complement the WELDY extrusion welders.

Video: Extruder Welder

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