Introducing the HT1600 D

The NEW Energy HT1600 D ‘digital’ is compact, robust and affordable. The HT1600 D hot-air hand tool is fitted with a powerful blower, and features digital temperature control and setting via the LCD display. Thanks to the built-in protection against overheating, the tool is ideal in a wide range of professional applications.

  • Digital temperature control from 40 – 620°C
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Robust brush motor
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Cool-down function (Automatic cool down before auto off)
  • Memory settings
  • Dust protection
  • Swiss Technology & Engineering
  • CE Conformity

HT1600 D Plastic Welding Kit

Kit includes:

1 x Energy HT1600 D tool (with digital screen)
1 x WE130.632 Standard Nozzle
1 x WE146.740 Speed Welding Nozzle 4 mm dia
1 x Carry case for easy storage

HT1600 D Plastic Overlap Welding Kit

Overlap Welding Kit includes:

1 x Energy HT1600 D welding tool ‘digital’
1 x WE130.891 Wide slot nozzle 40 mm
1 x WE130.631 Wide slot nozzle 20 mm
1 x WE130.611 Pressure roller 40 mm
1 x Tool carry case for easy storage